At Recommenders LLC, we are reinventing marketing. Our mission is to organize the world’s scientific research on genuine human influence and--using data science and a predictive intelligence system--to make it universally accessible and useful. Our intellectual property includes a trademark on the word “recommender.”

In moments, any individual, team or enterprise can visit our site, log in and begin to identify, engage and multiply their recommenders™--the single greatest untapped resource to grow any idea, cause, business, product, service or brand.

Our platform is instantly accessible on any device and provides leading-edge educational tools and simple yet powerful point-of-transaction software launched with a single question--“Who recommended us to you?” Automatically, the data is uploaded to your “Recommender Cloud” and you can track daily progress with the sine most powerful business-growth metric--we call it “The Vital Number”--that reflects how many active recommenders you have. Our subscribers use a quick quarterly scorecard to track increases in their Recommender IQ. Behind the scenes, our software incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to increasingly provide you with predictive intelligence on each of your recommenders as it also helps you attract more.


While our research on recommender science began more than two decades ago, we knew we had to assemble an exceptional neurotechnology, strategy, management and data science team to lead the company. We also engage more than a dozen handpicked specialists in software architecture and engineering, graphic design and UX/UI. Our executive team includes:

Jack Harvey


Robert Cooper

Founder & Chair

Ann Lawrence

Senior Strategist

Shanna Cooper



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