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Recommender Science

One simple metric is the key to winning today’s biggest opportunities and tomorrow’s.

Few leaders or companies recognize the importance of this metric, or track it.

That number is how many Recommenders your business or product has.

Recommenders are confirmed at the point of sale and are motivated only by the goal of helping the people they care about.

They have no expectation of personal gain.

A Recommender persuades people to purchase a particular product or service: yours.

More than half of your Recommenders are not on customer or social media lists.

In fact, to almost all businesses they are invisible.

Their immense potential to grow your business is being missed.

Which is why we created Recommenders.


The Story of Recommenders

Read the story and research of how we developed the science behind Recommenders.


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Recommenders Team


Jack Harvey | CEO

Jack Harvey is a proven growth-oriented technology executive with results-driven performance in a variety of complex technical fields including data science, social media, ad tech, mobile payments and software. Jack most recently served as President and CEO of Own The Room where he led their worldwide growth bringing the Own the Room communications methodology to over one hundred Global 500 companies in twenty-seven countries in seven different languages. Prior to Own The Room Jack served as EVP, Partnerships, at TechStars juggernaut Gnip where he helped set the stage for their nine figure sale to Twitter in 2014. By building powerful relationships with Global 200 organizations Jack has been instrumental in helping companies pave the way for IPO, acquisition, new product launches and entering new markets worldwide. During his career, he has interacted with some of the world’s most influential leaders in technology, finance, medicine, sports, media and been featured in Fast Company and MSNBC.


Ann Lawrence | Senior Strategist

Ann Lawrence is the Global Co-Chair of the Retail Industry Sector for DLA Piper and focuses her practice on a wide variety of retail brands including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, digital media, fashion, jewelry and branded consumer products. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, she has been noted by Forbes in "Female Innovators in the Business of Law," Over the past five years, Ann has served as a senior strategic advisor on a range of Cooper Strategic client engagements, including GM, Cruise Automation, Coca-Cola and Thrive Global.


Shanna Cooper | CMO

Shanna Cooper is a brand and marketing strategist. She attended the University of Iowa and graduated from Michigan State University, served as a director of partnerships and events for Force Brands in New York City, and is currently CMO of Insiders Institute and Recommenders Inc.


Robert Cooper | Co-founder & Chair

Robert Cooper, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist, New York Times bestselling author, and high-performance business strategist. He is the founder of Cooper Neuroscience Lab and serves as Chair of Recommenders Inc. and CEO of Cooper Strategic, a global consulting firm drawing on a peak performance database with over a million leaders—using neuroscience to help record-setting leaders and teams get the most out of their brains, time and performance. Clients include senior executives and top teams at GM, Coca-Cola, Intel, 3M and over half of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For—along with a range of rising-star enterprises disrupting industries and creating vast new opportunities. An All-American Swimmer, U.S. Marine and jet pilot, Cooper has been called “a national treasure” by Professor Emeritus Michael Ray, Ph.D., of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. From industry nominations, experts, and an independent panel of judges interviewing CEOs, Cooper was named one of the “Most Influential Thinkers” for his impact on leadership and people strategy—“a definitive list of the top influencers who challenge conventional thinking, are visionary and transformational, bring credibility both inside and outside the business, command the respect of peers and key stakeholders, and add real value to the business.” In an independent rating by the Global Senior Management Interchange, the value of Cooper’s work was rated at 4.9 out of 5.0.



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