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New research suggests that up to 70% of the people who can most powerfully grow your brand and sales are not your current customers/clients or “influencers” or promoters who say they intend to recommend you to others. They are also often not on your email or social media lists.

Introducing Recommender® Index & Scorecard

For the first time, you can learn to identify, respectfully engage with, and grow your Recommenders—specific individuals who “get” your distinctive value and quietly go out of their way—with no need for incentive or expectation of personal gain—to recommend you, your products or services to specific individuals they care about. Result for you: New sales. What do recommenders need in return? A genuine thank you.

Welcome to the software that gives you a competitive advantage in today’s recommender-driven world.

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New Research on How Recommenders
Impact Brands and Companies

From the earliest days of our global research on recommenders, we forensically studied record-setting business growth attributed to recommenders (directly or indirectly via recommender-specific actions and outcomes) in some of the world’s most admired and rising-star brands. Among the hundreds of companies, brands, and causes whose growth has been driven at key turning points by recommenders include the following.


Starting in 2007, we applied Recommender® methodologies to help set records in retail and commercial banking in emerging markets for one of the world’s top banks in its most challenging markets. Across the new decade, we applied Recommender® methodologies to set records in premium retail stores and advisory practices. Recommender®’s methodologies have been studied, tested, and applied to set records in the following industries:

How it works

After a transaction is made, you or your team member askers your customer/client: “Who recommended us to you?”

The transaction is recorded with the name and email or text number of the Recommender®.

The Recommender® receives a genuine thank you message (the customer/client can be cc’d on this message). 

The “Vital Number” of active Recommenders you have within the past 90 days goes up by one.

Your Recommenders are organized in a separate file from your customers/clients: because most Recommenders® are interested in your exceptional service, products, and innovations—and do not want to receive marketing messages.

Your ongoing Recommender® data is updated on your dashboard.

This Recommender® Dashboard View is under development now...

This Recommender® Dashboard View is under development now…

Resources for your team to learn, understand, and implement Recommender® methods.


Who are Recommenders?


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Understand & Multiply Your Recommenders